Sunday, 20 July 2008

Perfect Day Out...

Just back from the PERFECT DAY OUT...

It started with brekky with friends at the best little cafe in Eltham - Do Lunch - located next to the Eltham library.

"Do Lunch" has the best food and coffee - and the BEST service - okay, yes I am biased - my gorgeous DD19 works there - best waitress I ever met - when she got the job (through a friend who was moving on to other things) she asked her sister (DD21 who trained in waitressing at TAFE college) for a few tips... so we LOVE going there!

I ordered my favourite Skinny Latte and Eggs Benedict - delicious!

I overheard a sweet conversation last time I was there. Some lovely ladies were ordering at a table nearby and one remarked to DD19,

"You know, we only come here each week because of you!"

DD19 blushed, smiled, gave it some thought and said:

"Awwww, I only come here because of you!"

They all laughed.

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful chilly Winter Sunday.


Christine said...

I've also been to Do Lunch and had the same waitress. She provides fantastic service. Would love to go there again soon.


Treasure Queen said...

You wouldn't be biased towards your lovely niece would you Christine??? Look forward to going there again too...