Monday, 25 August 2008

Broken Camera!

So sad, my lovely auto focus camera is no longer doing auto focus so everything is blurry. We will all have to wait for repairs before seeing any more photos.

Meanwhile, I had a great weekend - yummy pizza Friday night in front of the Olympics, a trip to Office Works for a new printer - I needed new ink ($59) so decided to put that towards a printer that actually takes a sheet of paper through every time, instead of just when it feels like it - they are so cheap now, you can get a great little printer for $99!

We had a delicious steak & salad dinner Saturday night - again in front of the Olympics - with no kids at home - wow, we are on our own more and more now! However, I was on standby to go pick up DD19 in the city, but got a MARVELLOUS TXT MESSAGE at around midnight saying she was getting a ride home - yay! Sunday was spent watching Olympics! and visiting display homes - just for fun! Do you ever get itchy feet? Those display homes are so clutter free, and very inspiring - I usually come home and clean out excess junk!

I wonder what everyone else did on the weekend.

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