Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My Knight in Shining Automobile!

I hate to admit this but I ran out of petrol!!!

I knew I needed to fill up, but in my last car you could go about 60 kms on empty, so silly me, I assumed the same with this car!

WRONG! I had only done 32 kms on empty and I felt it chug and a really big intersection was coming up and I was thinking, oh no, not there, so of course, that is exactly where it chugged to a stop.

Luckily I was able to turn left and go down the hill and turn into a small side road, phew!

I was planning to walk to the petrol station but I had my phone with me and my LOVELY husband said, no worries, he would come to my rescue! (His workmates laughed at my predicament, but DH did not chastise me at all!)

So like a knight in shining automobile he arrived with a container of petrol with a nozzle and "rescued" his damsel in distress, well not too distressed, I had walked up to the shops and bought dinner etc while I waited.

Message to self - fill up immediately the empty light comes on!

Of course this whole scenario reminded me that it's not just cars that need to be filled up with what they need - people need it too and my lovely friend Michelle is doing something "pampering" for herself every day this month. Check out her blog at the Joy Express.


Michelle said...

Oh Jenny! I guess staying out with us at coffee might have been a better option than running out of petrol! But ... What a WONDERFUL husband! Woo Hoo! Now that's Pampering!

David said...

Hey Jenny - you make the best vanilla slices in the world - thanks!


Treasure Queen said...

My absolute pleasure David - I LOVE them too!!!

Loura said...

Well written article.