Monday, 18 August 2008

What could be better than winning Tattslotto?

Good health of course, and today DD19 had her quarterly appointment with her lovely doctor (he's like a very old, cuddly, slightly worn favourite teddy bear).

We love to hear him say "your tests were all NORMAL!"

Doesn't she look great! Roslyn always "knows" she is gonna be just fine - I am the silent worrier, very aware when appointments are looming! I tend not to talk about it much but breathe a big BIG sigh of relief after each appointment.

As usual, we went to McDonalds to celebrate with Hash Browns, Pancakes and coffee and then I dropped her at RMIT in the city.

Some of my readers will wonder what was "wrong" with Ros - she had Hodgkin's Disease (same as the famous singer, Delta Goodrem), diagnosed just after her 18th birthday - and after an operation and treatment she is now "wonderful".

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to receive some FANTASTIC news!

It's definitely been a weekend of fantastic results!