Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A day in the life of a Father...

A very special day in the year of a dad - the one day when you know the kids are going to be sweet - none of that - can you drive me here, can I have money for the train, can I have money for a school book, etc. Instead there's pressies and cards and smiles - yay!

Our Father's day started with pressies for the Father of the house - all gifts involved hand made cards (what a surprise) and alcohol! Then I made a batch of delicious vanilla slices, then we took a trip to the cafe to drop off DD19 at her weekend job, then a lovely lunch with all my family to celebrate my dad's FATHER'S DAY over at my little sister's house in Mooroolbark, followed by a trip back to the cafe in Eltham to collect DD19 - then home for a snooze. Here's the Father (DH) in our house having a well deserved nap with a four legged friend for company.

Doesn't he look peaceful.

After that DD21 arrived with smiles and gifts and we had the most delicious meal together from Noble House which happily is just round the corner - fabulous Chinese food - the Garlic Prawns were wonderful, Honey Chicken which has been the girls' favourite since they were about 2 years old, and Beef and Black Bean - divine.

DD19 & DD21 fiddled on the computer for a bit - with the younger one getting sage advice from the older one about World of Warcraft ghost horses that had to be eliminated etc.

Then DD21 decided she would like to take home DD19's old desk so they got out allen keys and screwdrivers and pulled it apart into pieces and we paraded out to the street to shove it all in DD21's car.

And so ended a lovely day.

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Michelle said...

What a WONDERFUL day, Jenny! I love the photo of you and Gordon.