Monday, 1 September 2008

New Camera

Hooray, a new camera is winging its way to our house (hopefully soon). The last one the auto focus broke and to send it away for a quote is $80, and repairs probably between $100 and $200, a new one is $350 - $450 so we took a peek on ebay.

My friend Kerry won a car on ebay (well, she had to pay for it, but she says it's kinda like winning!) so I started bidding on a camera (same as the one that broke) and my husband and I gathered around the computer last night at 8.30pm to see if there were any last minute bids - AND WE WON! But we had to pay for it. But it feels like we won a bargain - we got it for $142 plus $10 registered post. I think that is pretty good.

Can't wait til it arrives.

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