Thursday, 18 December 2008

RMIT Graduation - What a Night!

Oh what a wonderful night it was - of course the 2 hour trip through the traffic was a nightmare - would we get there in time to register - if we were late, her name would not be read out - so anyway we were late and she jumped from the car as soon as we could see the entrance to Telstra Dome, she ran in to register - while I parked the car - I panicked when I found you had to pay $23 cash for parking - those of you who know me know I do not carry more cash than a cup of coffee!
However, I scrounged around in my bag for gold coins and the lovely parking attendant accepted $16 as being "near enough".
Then I met Gordon and we found our seats overlooking the arena. Below us in Roslyn's group were about 600 graduates from her faculty - Business - I think there must have been about 3,000 graduates there altogether from different faculties.
Then the band marched out - I always tear up when I hear a band!
There were speeches and presentations and then all the graduates filed up to receive their certificates.
Then came the champagne - the graduates raced out onto the turf (yes, this is where AFL footy is played) to get a glass and drink to their success - followed closely by all the families and parents - we were also invited to have a drink and there was party food - very Australian - sausage rolls and party pies!! Everyone mingled, celebrated and took photos! A great night! RMIT put on a fabulous show!

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Beverly said...

Congratulations to a very proud Mum, it sounds as though you had a wonderful day/night.