Saturday, 24 January 2009

Cheer Up - Let's Go Shopping!

Best way to cheer someone up - and put a big smile on a sad face - take them shopping... so off we went, DD22 and myself to buy something to make her feel luxurious - a new bed and doona!

First shop the guy bamboozled us with facts and figures about coils and springs and warranties - so off we went to the next shop - we had the most wonderful lady to serve us, Pat at the Bed Shed in Northland, and she knew exactly how to talk to Cait about comfort and girly stuff and firm and gently firm etc.

So we bought a great bed, arranged delivery and then picked out a new doona - the lovely sales lady said to Cait, here take this doona and wrap yourself up like a queen and go and lie on the bed you chose and see how you feel!

It was a great afternoon out - finishing off with the lovely sales lady saying to us - you are both so lovely - how do you think we felt - GREAT! Then we stopped in at McDonalds to finish off a perfect shopping arvo.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both had a "dreamy" day.

I'm sure Cait will have many "Sweet Dreams" when her new bed arrives.

Isn't it nice to be acknowledged by the sales lady? Well done1