Monday, 9 February 2009

Being Thankful, a Miracle Bushfire Story, and a Card.

Today I am feeling very thankful - thankful that my family are all around me and safe from the devastating fires nearby. I thought I'd share a joyous moment - everyone dancing at the wedding:

There's nothing like some dancing to make you smile.
And I have to share a happy story - my lovely friend Tricia just rang to say her auntie managed to evacuate safely from the town of Marysville on Saturday - but her husband stayed to protect the house.
Marysville is a beautiful country town nestled at the foot of the mountains - with a great pub and lovely coffee shops, churches and many big rambling guest houses - it was complete wiped out by the fires on the weekend - there are only three houses left standing in the whole town - and one of them is Tricia's auntie's house!
And now a card - this is a sweet card I made using a stamp set borrowed from my lovely stamping "sister" Jan. Hope you like it. I adore chunky glitter!

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