Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Wedding to Remember for Peta & Lindsay

So what do you do on the hottest day ever in Melbourne in recorded history?

You get all dressed up, and I mean really dressed up - suits, jackets, ties, dresses, high heels - and go to a wedding... and what a wedding it was!

Here is the wedding party - the bride and groom, Peta and Lindsay (Gordon's brother), and on the right Lindsay's children, Paris & Daniel - on the left David and Jo.

We ate, we drank, we danced, we witnessed vows, we talked, we went to the pub, we went to the reception, and then we partied - in between all this we looked for cool spots, some ice, cool drinks, some shade, a breeze - outside it was like an oven with the fan force on full - inside was a little better, and of course when the cool change arrived we moved inside and out - trying to cool the sweat that gathered between body and clothing!

My kids looked gorgeous all dressed up (L-R Tom, Cait & Ros). And Gordon and I scrubbed up well too!

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