Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Big Day Out!

I've had a big day out today with friends... but I thought I'd share some greenery from the garden... I thought this plant (treefern) was completely dead, but with a little tender loving care and some sweet talking it has come back to life! How gorgeous it is now!
Anyway, today I went out with lovely friends for a shopping trip and a lovely lunch... we went to a nursery in Essendon called Poyntons... near where I used to live... I can remember taking the kids there often to have fun on the play equipment while I browsed the plants... we lived nearby for 19 years so had many trips there... and their favourite thing to visit there was always the chooks, really cute little chooks ... so fluffy you could not tell the front from the back... AND GUESS WHAT!!! those chooks are still there!!! I had not visited for 10 years but they are still there... of course my friend Elaine said, " You don't think they are the same ones do you?" But they sure looked the same!Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful day out!
What a fabulous lunch.

Treasure Queen said...

It was a great day out with lovely friends!!