Thursday, 25 June 2009

My Gorgeous Fridge!!!

Oh my gorgeous fridge!
Take a look at these cute fridge magnets... my mum and my friends came over to stamp on Wednesday, to make some cards, to chat a little (or a lot!) and I had a sweet little make 'n' take ready for them... fridge magnets ... using Stampin' Up! punches (ooh I have exciting news re punches ... I'll tell you in a minute).. and we used gorgeous felt flowers too.
So about the punches... there's a new fabulous punch coming soon... yes, on 1 August!!! I've been waiting for this one.
Can't tell you yet what it is, but if you guess it I'll give you something special next time I see you! Leave me a comment. I'll check them when I get back from Hobart in a few days. Take care... oh and I hope to blog more often in July!! Why? Cos it's my birthday month!!!Posted by Picasa


Davine said...

They are soooo cute. Enjoy Hobart.

Mary B said...

the magnets look just sooooo gorgeous! Hmm, I think that maybe the new mini must just (hopefully) have an oval scallop punch in it like the Americans already have! Wouldn't that be great?? I love your blog and pop in regularly. Love looking at the samples as much as hearing about your family!Keep up the fab work!
Thanks, Mary

Treasure Queen said...

Thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...
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