Friday, 17 July 2009

So Much to Tell You

Oh where to start... first off my camera has been overseas... my computer has been on the blink and ... I've been lazy!!
So I will begin by sharing a beautiful card that was sent to me by my "Secret Sister"... that's right, I do not know who she is and will not find out for another 3 months... I too have a secret sister that I have sent a card to and she doesn't know me yet either!
Today when I went to the letter box there were more goodies from my Secret Sister... I will share those in the next post!
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Penny Hanuszak said...

Wow Debbie what a great card from your secret sister. Love the colors and the outline look.
I've got to get my act in gear and get working on your goodies for the swap sister event........... time is ticking!