Saturday, 24 October 2009

Another birthday!

Our girls are growing up so fast...

Our eldest turned 23 on Thursday! It was strange waiting until tea time to give Caitlyn her gifts. For the first 20 or so years, birthday presents were ALWAYS given on our big bed very early in the morning - before work and school! Only on weekends was it a little later.

So we waited all day until we all met after work at the restaurant of her choice - TGI Fridays - to give pressies and enjoy dinner. The pressies were popular... the food was delicious - particularly the Jack Daniels Platter!

The following night she went out with friends - here she is - complete with tiara!!! with her sister Roslyn:

and here with boyfriend Jack:

They all had a great night and on Saturday morning we woke up to lots of people asleep in lots of spare beds...

The young people enjoyed cold pizza for breakfast before they went all different ways.

I headed outside to take some pictures of the garden in full Spring Sunshine!

and then I decided to "play" with my Stampin' Up! papers and I made this very gorgeous box which will hold a Christmas Present... I'm buying small presents this year! LOL!

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