Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Summer Reading

How nice is it when you have time to read books - I mean really read, spending hours reading - not having to stop and make meals or anything! Not wanting to put out the light until four in the morning because you're up to a good part kind of reading.

Over the summer holidays I've been reading everything - the newspaper every day for a start - it's so nice at Venus Bay popping out of the caravan to walk to the shop and get the newspaper and then pick up a coffee on the way back and sit outside in the morning sun, reading, chatting to all the neighbours as they walk by on the way to and from their van or the beach etc.

And I read some good books... first was Diana Gabaldon's 'An Echo in the Bone' which was fabulous - the hard part is waiting 2 yrs for each book to be written and published... it was very exciting - some new characters which were fun, and of course Claire and Jamie - can't get enough of them! And I love finding out about all that American history... so exciting!

Next I 'stole' Gordon's Christmas present and actually read it before him - I know that's bad but he's read it now too so I don't feel too terrible. It was Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly - another fabulous author - I love all his books and it's ages since I was in Hong Kong for a very short stopover - would love to get back there for an extended stay.

Of course the other favourite read of mine is the Stampin' Up! catalogue - what more can I say?


Penny Hanuszak said...

Glad you're having such a great summer Jenny. Sounds like a lot of fun and relaxation. Thanks for the tips on the books, I could use some new authors. Enjoy!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

thanks for the literary suggestions !!!!! Even though it is winter here, it might be fun to curl up in a big chair by the fire and take these in!!!! But then I am cruising the caribbean in a week and that would be nice by the pool!!!!!! It was nice to visit today...~Donna

Michelle said...

Great to hear positive comments about Diana Gabaldon's latest, Jenny. We weren't sure about it ... It's on the reading pile by my bed but I think I might try and read the previous books in the saga, first.
Thanks for reviewing 2 of my favourite authors!