Thursday, 17 June 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I've been awarded a Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you Tanya at for sending it to me.

But do I deserve it? Probably not, since I haven't blogged since February. Why? Well, there's been a bit going on here and you could say life got in the way... I may share about that later ...

Meanwhile, to accept this blog award, I have to tell you 10 things about me, so here they are:

1) I've been married for well over 30 years to a very gorgeous man - he's sexy, slim, attractive, has long red hair, smokes rollies, drives a brand new car - oh, hang on - that was 30 years ago - but hey, we've both changed!!!

2) On Saturday mornings I love to make a cuppa for me and Gordon and we stroll around the garden looking at stuff and talking nonsense. The dog and cat trail after us on these Saturday morning trips.

3) I'm photo obsessed - I love to take photos and have zillions of them - heaps printed out and heaps on the computer - I've taken pictures since I was a teenager and that's a long time back.

4) I am very attracted to rusty stuff - not sure why... but I have lots of things made of rusty wire or tin.

5) I adore anything to do with Paris or New York - I've been to Paris and it was heaps of fun exploring that city... meanwhile New York is on the list!

6) OLD buildings, and unusual buildings, intrigue me... I find them enticing.

7) I'm a procrastinator... I'll do everything except what's on my list.

8) Yes I'm a list maker... and love to cross off as I achieve.

9) Before I had children I worked as a Legal secretary, but now I work as a court case typist - boy do we type crazy stuff... you've no idea what happens in the courtroom until you actually listen in - it's much more ghastly than a crime novel!

10) I've just ordered a new car - in a fabulous lime green colour!!

And now I have to nominate some great blogs to receive the award: Here they some that I admire:

Debra in USA
Donna in USA

I hope you all enjoy your Beautiful Blogger Award!

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