Monday, 12 July 2010

Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy's coming tonight!

I visited my lovely dentist today and she pulled my tooth - ouch!

So now I'm feeling very positive about the fact that pain might go away sooooooon!

Can't wait to see what the tooth fairy leaves me.

I remember the fun of the kids losing teeth... putting the teeth out for the tooth fairy...

Getting excited in the morning to find a coin.

One night Caity decided to 'test' the tooth fairy theory and hid her tooth somewhere in her room.. just to see if it was just a story.

Yes the tooth fairy 'found' her tooth... in the dark... after much hunting around!

There was extra excitement the next morning when Caity realised that tooth fairy must be real!


Donna said...

what a sweet story! How exciting to be able to fulfill the dreams of a child! One of my favorite things to accomplish! Hope your tooth socket feels better real soon! Hugs...Donna from Butternutsagedesigns, and the backyarddoor!

Sue Denning said...

Oh Jenn! Now you can whistle while you work lol

Hope the tooth is feeling much better by tomorrow. Who knows, the tooth fairy might just send you some rubber hugs instead of money **wink**

Sharee Gaiser said...

I hope he stops at our house first because he forgot to visit last night for Mitchell and is in big trouble now. xo

Treasure Queen said...

Poor Mitchell... he'll be waking up early to check in the morning! And guess what the tooth fairy brought me... a bucket of M & M s... YUM!!!

Karen G said...

That's a cute story, Jenny. It reminds me of one quite a few years ago when my daughter (now 16) was playing around with her baby brother (now 10).

She had a loose tooth and her brother sat on her face and she lost her tooth, but somehow managed to swallow it!!! She was so upset so she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy with an explanation and wanted to know if she could still have her money!!! Too cute.

Treasure Queen said...

That's a beautiful story Karen G!