Thursday, 5 August 2010

Quiet Queenscliff

I'm busting to share some pics of Queenscliff... we set off on Friday afternoon, and I used my new Navman to get us there... even though we knew the way! It's only an hour and a half from Melbourne.

We stayed here at the Vue Grande many years ago - on a rare night away - actually it was 22 years ago and I was pregnant with No.2 at the time! I remember we were in and out of the pool and spa and someone told me I wasn't allowed to have a spa because I was pregnant!
Anyway, we checked in and then had to climb many, many stairs because we were booked into the Turret Suite! Right at the top. We arrived - breathless!

Here's the view from one window:

And the view from the other window:

In fact the views were tremendous from all the windows... and Gordon was quite taken by the enormous TV that rose up out of the bench when you pressed a button. He loves gadgets.

We went for a walk and came across a lovely chocolate shop... we ordered a raspberry muffin with chocolate sauce to share... how good does it look?

Gordon ordered hazlenut hot chocolate and I had a tiramisu hot choc - yum! The drinks were in 'cuddle' cups! I can't describe how delicious they were... you have to go there!

We walked along the shops and bought some jams and bits and pieces.

When we got back to our room, the sun was beginning to set so out came the camera! I love how the sun is shining on the bridge.

Here's a view to the lighthouse - actually we could see 3 lighthouses from our room!

We went out onto the party deck behind our room to get these fabulous pics ... these must rate as some of my best sunsets ever!

I won't bore you with them all... just a few:

And so ended a lovely, peaceful, relaxing day in Queenscliff!


Leanne Dye said...

great photos Jenny. sounds like you had a great time. i remember climbing all those stairs to get to the bar at the very top. i absolutely love the views from the top, especially being able to see all 3 lighthouses.

did you see the Spirit of Tassie coming in? we watched it when we were there.

Treasure Queen said...

Hi Leanne... we saw loads of container ships and the ferry of course, but not the Spirit of Tassie! The bar at the top is in a fantastic spot isn't it!

Melissa Davies said...

These photos are fabulous Jenny, and my fave is that first gorgeous sunset, its divine, your day sounded just about perfect, its good to stop and smell the roses isnt it, I just love your photos, thank you for sharing them with us.