Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Parcel from Marija!

This morning I peaked out the window and on the chair by the front door was a parcel! I couldn't wait to open it - I love surprises...

Here's what was inside:

A gorgeous collection of 'yummy' items...

Some spritzy bottles!!! OMG I've got spritzers to spray glitter and ink - I'm so excited by these... some are colours and some are glittery colours... can't wait to get them out and shake them up and spray whatever I can find!

AND a stunning notebook with my name on... my name is done in a technique where it looks like metal but is made from embossing powder heated over and over - wow!

Next to be opened was a pretty silver tin decorated with a big glittery 'e'... so I thought, hmm, embellishments? Yep!

Beautiful decorations to go onto cards... flowers, pom poms, pegs, bows... so gorgeous!

Sometimes I like to keep pretty things forever and just look at them and never use them, but I'm going to be quite strict with myself here and USE these gorgeous doodads!

Anyone else out there in blogland save their favourite goodies and then never use them? I am so guilty!

Huge thank you to Marija for sending me this beautiful parcel as a sweet reward for winning the clipboard challenge last week.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

how absolutely awesome is that parcel wow!! you are blessed such gorgeous colours now hope you will be helped by that link to the brayer love mine and feel sad when not using it much - some folks just dont like brayer cards.. like my sister! and I can not understand that but then I am no big on distressed look so there..
Shaz in oz.x

Michelle said...

WOW! Jenny, parcels have so much magic in them, at your house!! What a fabulous gift. I am so looking forward to seeing what you create with your new embellishments. :)
I, too, have a policy of using my special favourites - but sometimes it's hard!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful parcel and how appropriate to be given spritzer bottles after playing with some on the weekend. Tricia

Anne Brignall said...

Jenny this is such an awesome gift package! Well done, your project so deserved to win. :-) Marija did a fantastic job in creating such beautiful things too, Love it all.