Saturday, 21 September 2013

Want a cake? Try a Lamington!

Do you like cake?  I love cake.  

And coffee?  I love coffee!

And the combination of the two... PERFECT!

Here's a lovely LAMINGTON cake - with cream!  OMG delicious!

It was in a cute little homewares store called...

'Bed Bath & Table - The Works'

They have about an acre of fabulous goodies to look at (seriously) 

and the coffee and cake shop upstairs!

Today's Treasured Moment:  I just went down to the shops to post off some cards
 to lovely friends and as soon as I opened the car door
 I could smell.... a sausage sizzle!  Yum!  
Posted my cards, bought the sausages in bread with onions 
and came home to eat them with Gordon on the front decking!  


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...your lamington looks delicious!!!
You can't beat the smell of sausages cooking on a BBQ:-)

Davine said...

I'm not really a cake person but I do love a nice fresh lamington

Michelle said...