Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I love books - I love to give books as presents, cos then they come back to me to read too. Here's me receiving a book (The Best Things to do in New York) on Christmas Day 25/12/07 - DD19 gave me this cos she knows I love all things New York. I love to have a reading pile by my bed, and another reading pile by the couch, books, magazines, papers, articles etc. even junk mail is popular. I am also reading My Way or the Highway which DH gave my mum for Christmas, and she read it so fast it has come to me. I am half way through that one. Thanks mum. Books are TREASURES.

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AngelBlossom said...

I LOVE books, too! Jenny, you will need to create a Books 2008 page. :)

Love your Blog - it's so YOU. Love the idea of surfing the blogosphere with you.