Sunday, 27 July 2008

Breakfast with a Kookaburra

So, just back from a weekend away, celebrating my birthday in a lovely country town not far from Melbourne.

The town was Hepburn Springs, just near Daylesford, gorgeous area, lovely restaurants and shops etc.

We stayed in a beautiful hotel called Bellinzona Grange which was absolutely delightful - take a peek here:

On the way to Hepburn Springs we stopped at a small town called Malmsbury, we ate lunch at the Malmsbury Bakery, and sampled their Vanilla Slice - yes, it was as delicious as it looked. (And the following morning the Bakery had a wonderful write up in the travel section of the Melbourne newspaper - and made special mention about that same Vanilla Slice!!)

We had surprise guests at breakfast the next morning - loads of lovely fluffy kookaburras looking for scraps, and they were so persistent they kept banging on the windows!

How cute is this one?

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