Tuesday, 29 July 2008

How do you cook peas?

Phone rings at home.
"hi mum"
"hi Cait, how's it going?" (DD21 left home 2 weeks ago.)
"Good, how do you cook cauliflower?"
I explain carefully over the phone.
"Okay, how do you cook frozen peas?"
Again, I explain, and off she goes back to her kitchen to cook rissoles, peas and cauliflower cheese.

So, I remember, in November 1978 ringing my mum to say:
"hi mum, how do you cook potatoes? Lid on, lid off, cold water, boiling water, what?"
And wishing I had paid attention to all that work she used to do in the kitchen... I was so not interested back then.

And now, in July 2008, my DD21 rings with similar questions. So, they do say history repeats itself don't they!

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Michelle said...

LOL. I am taking notes for when my kids leave home! :)