Monday, 4 August 2008


We have a tradition in our family for birthdays! When it's your birthday you get to have everyone on the bed in the morning before work, so 6am last Monday I had pressies from DH and DD19 on the new bed - a heavenly way to start the day.

I started my day slowly, with a cuppa, then Curves, then lunch with my sister Christine - thanks Chrissie - lovely lunch.

DD21 (who flew the nest a couple of weeks ago) visited in the afternoon and we went shopping - girly shopping - socks, undies, pj's etc.

The other part of the tradition is to choose dinner, and restaurant, so I chose delicious Chinese Take Away from our lovely nearby restaurant Noble House.

A fabulous day with my family... followed on the weekend by a big lunch for my extended family - Roast Beef and all the trimmings.

And guess what - my mum left me a surprise in the fridge - a little jar of Lemon Butter - yum! she makes the best lemon butter. What a lovely surprise. Thanks mum.

Here's my pressies:

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