Thursday, 7 August 2008

Challenges are everywhere!

Okay, I am excited today because I have a free day and I want to concentrate on some challenges that have been set -

Challenge No. 1 - "THE AUGUST CHALLENGE" by my lovely friend, Michelle at Joy Express to achieve a page of scrapbooking a day in the month of August - yay Michelle, thanks for that challenge. I accept with relish!

The fabulous news is that I went to my lovely friend Bernie's scrapbooking workshop yesterday and completed 7 pages of scrapbooking, so that means I am up to date with the August Page Challenge.

Challenge No. 2 - "The Olympic Challenge" - Bernie set us a page Challenge too, where we will complete a set amount of pages for August, September and October - so I want to complete 100 pages in that time!

Challenge No. 3 - "Card Challenge" - can I make a card a day in August - yes Michelle, I can, I am totally addicted to my Stampin' Up stuff - i LOVE it, so cards it is for this month!

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