Thursday, 17 July 2008

Get Healthy - Walk the Dog!

Just back from walking Jessie - we strolled for miles along the path,

through the trees,

we met other dogs, walkers, birds. We stopped to inspect a mushroom pushing through the ground,

she wagged her tail a lot, tasted some delicious fresh grass,

Now she is sound asleep on the couch - worn out from the big trek...


Anonymous said...

Hello Pixie Jenny!
The pathways look very energizing. Just what I like - flat - not hilly.
Welcome back to Blogville too!
Great to see what you have been up to lately.

Treasure Queen said...

Hi Margaret - it's good to be back!

Michelle said...

You are one of the only people I know who would take a camera while out walking the dog. :) So Glad you Did!

Treasure Queen said...

Thanks Michelle - I am known for taking my camera everywhere - recently at a funeral I reached into my bag for a tissue and Gordon was horrified as he thought I was getting out my camera!