Thursday, 17 July 2008

I Love the CM Tag Maker

I LOVE the new CM Tag Maker - here are some samples I made up recently:

For the longer tags, just join two tags together,

Trim tags for different shapes, cut them for short tags,

poke the other end of the tag back into the tag maker

for the shape at both ends,

For a fancy title strip, cut a strip 2 inches wide

and poke each end into the tag maker separately.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
Love your blog page - it is fantastic - I can't fine the instructions for the origami envelope you mentioned - are they hidden somewhere??

Look forward to hearing.

CMC, Hobart

Sharee said...

Jenny - Hi! I am really confused about how to make the Fancy Title Strip using the 2" wide strip. When I poke it into the tag maker, it keeps cutting the smaller tag. I must be doing something wrong. Can you help please?
Love your blog too! Miss seeing you. Love Sharee

Treasure Queen said...

Melinda - sorry, will do the origami instructions Friday.

Treasure Queen said...

Hi Sharee - turn your tag maker over and poke the 2" wide any length strip into the fancy cutting end so the rest of the length is hanging out. Punch then repeat with the other end. Good luck. Lovely to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

All these tags look absolutely fantastic.


Michelle said...

Wow! These tags are GORGEOUS, Jenny! It's lovely to see such creativity. What JOY!! LOL.

Sharee said...

Thanks Jenny for your help with the longer tags. So simple yet so effective. I am enjoying coming to read your blog!

Take care.

Love Sharee