Thursday, 4 December 2008


I just love THURSDAYS!

It's that day of the week that I set aside for me... the house is empty! Gordon and Ros leave for work before 7am and I get up and feed the animals, have brekky, listen to the peace and quiet - no radio, just the birds, a time to tune out. Then I make a list - I love lists - of all the things I should do or need to be done, then I ignore the list and just "play" with my paper and ribbon and make cards or boxes etc.

But today I am going to my friend Andrea's house to make cards with a bunch of people - I've just made vanilla slices to take along - the fourth batch I've made this week, I made them on Sunday for Rob, on Monday to take to Janine's, on Wednesday for my Stamp 'n' Chat Day and now this morning to take to Andrea's. Needless to say I LOVE home made vanilla slices and I am getting very roly poly this week!

And before I go, I have to tell you everyone made great cards yesterday - there was me, mum, Bernie, Rosalie, Tricia, Michelle, Fiona, Sarah and Elaine - we started with make 'n' takes - they were easy, then moved on to our own projects - here's a card mum made:

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