Friday, 5 December 2008

The Power of a Hammer!

Yesterday was a day of stories - I spent the day making cards with friends at lovely Andrea's house - and a fair amount of time eating and chatting etc too. Anyway, the most amazing story was from Glenyse - she had a busy day recently, visiting, dropping off cards and gifts, and at her daughter's house, she hopped out of the car in the driveway to drop a card in the letterbox, and as she did this the wind promptly blew her car door shut! Not so bad you think, but the doors were all locked, the keys were in the car AND THE ENGINE WAS RUNNING! Her bag and phone etc were in the car, along with the spare key in that bag. Glenyse had a friend round the corner, so she set off to their house, but noone was home. Then she made the BIG decision to break a window - what to use - she found a rock and started bashing the window - something broke into smithereens - the ROCK! So then she went round the back to the garage of her daughter's house - looking for something strong to break the window! She found a hammer and came out armed with the hammer, in full view of passers by who took NO NOTICE!! She smashed the little tiny back window - then had a big reach through the hole to unlock the back door! SUCCESS was hers.

She returned the hammer to the garage but then the wind blew the side gate shut! She tried real hard but could not get it to open - it was wedged! She tried and tried, and eventually it opened. She said she was going to climb over it if she had to!

By the time she told us this story, we were in fits of laughter - and let me tell you laughter is GOOD for you. She wasn't too happy with what happened at the time but let me say she was PROUD of herself for fixing her situation!

Go Glenyse.

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Beverly said...

Jenny, what a wonderful story and what a powerful lesson for us all, that we can fix any situation if we have to. Thank you for sharing.