Friday, 12 December 2008

What Does Christmas Mean to You?

What does Christmas Mean to You? This was the question my lovely friend Michelle posed to a group of scrapbooking ladies recently... ooh, it brought up all sorts of thoughts and ideas, lots about the Christmas Tree, family get togethers, and also a fair amount of lamenting about oh, we have to do this but this is what we'd rather do etc.

So, what does Christmas Mean to me? Well first I absolutely have to have a fresh cut Christmas Tree - I love the scent when you walk in the door and you can smell the tree - hmmmm, delicious! Next I have to have a decoration - generally a wreath with bells on the front door - I get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see it, and hope everyone else does too.

And of course, family, catching up with our close relatives to share a meal and gifts.

But every year, I get out one of the most precious Christmas items of all - a nativity scene my girls and I made one year when they were very little - probably around the age of 3 and 5 I think, I remember Caitlyn cutting out an enormous star for the background which was just some wrapping paper, and she added glitter etc.

We used animals from their farm set and I bought a small plastic nativity set - they arranged everything with globs of that blue stuff (what's it called?) to hold things in place. In the set was an Angel, so they put her up in the sky and added cotton wool for the clouds along the top.

Roslyn added hay to finish it off, and yes, it is the same hay from all those years ago. The whole thing folds up into a box and there are sate sticks as props to stop it collapsing. So that is my favourite Christmas decoration ever. Here's a pic.


Anonymous said...

Divine! What a lovely story.

Michelle said...

I went home and spent quite some time thinking about What Christmas Means to Me, too! It was fantastic to think a little more carefully about what I want at Christmas. :)

Robyn said...

I made something like this with my kids too all those years ago....Only ours was made from Lego people (dressed in material)and didn't last the distance like yours has! Didn't even get a photo! What a shame!