Wednesday, 21 January 2009

And then there were Five...

Last July our family shrunk to just the three of us - me, Gordon and Ros - then Tom joined us (friend of Roslyn's from NZ - they met in Queensland when we were on holidays and she was only 13) so that made four, and today DD22 Caitlyn is coming back to her old room (I had great plans for that room too) so that makes five! Break ups are always hard, so hopefully life won't be too difficult.

Tom is helping Caitlyn move back in today, and I am watching Roslyn, who is a bit sick at the moment with a bad sore throat and gave us all a BIG FRIGHT yesterday when she collapsed, fainted, then had 2 seizures which prompted me to call an ambulance - now everything's ok, but I have to tell you the funny part - all she wanted me to do when waiting for the ambulance was get her a bra to put on - she did not want to see ambulance people without underwear!!

So my lovely crafting friends are making cards today without me at lovely Barb's house - have fun friends.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Ros is recovering okay.
Your house is sounding a bit like 'Packed to the Rafters'!!!!

Michelle said...

We did miss you, Jenny, and Tricia. But we had a FABULOUS time, anyway!