Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Power to Amaze Yourself.

The Power to Amaze Yourself is the tag line of Curves, our local exercise place for women, and yesterday I celebrated 100 visits to Curves! I joined just before my 50th Birthday in the hope of getting fit so I would be able to walk for miles and miles around Singapore where I was celebrating my birthday - and it worked! The program is easy - you pop in whenever you feel like it - hopefully 3 times a week, jump on all the equipment, jog on the recovery stations, do some stretches and you are done in about half an hour - then you go next door for a coffee and chat with your mates - definitely the best part.

So, yes, I have amazed myself, I am so much fitter now, and I can walk for miles and miles - the other thing too is that I put on my runners every morning instead of pretty shoes - very comfy.

Here's a pic of me at Curves yesterday - thanks Michelle for taking a great pic.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Congratulations, Jenny!

I do agree that the Coffe with Mates is a Key Ingredient for a Fabulous Workout!!