Sunday, 3 May 2009

Computer Drama and a Card

I'll start with the good news first - a gorgeous card using Chunky Glitter all over the flower petals - flower stamp is from Echoes of Kindness .. and what pretty patterned paper too. So I'm going to send it to one of my lovely friends who is away at the moment... and I am missing her!!! Come back soon! Please?
Anyway, the bad news... for Gordon that is... when he woke up yesterday morning his computer would not turn on!
And it had to be working by that evening as he was in a group flying from England to Spain (on the computers) so he was on a frantic timetable...he tried everything... eventually resorting to going to the computer shop (his most favourite place in the world) to buy a new hard drive... then of course the hard slog of putting every single thing back on... programs of course, scenery of England, scenery of Spain, favourite airplane for the trip, he decided to skip the ocean in between and do that another time!
By tea time he was exhausted... but he got a second wind for the flying trip and had a ball!
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Michelle said...

Absolutely Stunning Card, Jenny. It's the first time in many, many days that I have felt inspired by stamping. Thank You.

Hope Gordon had a successful and stress-free flight!

Treasure Queen said...

Hey Michelle - glad you like it cos it's on its way to your house!!! Looking forward to a cuppa together.