Monday, 25 May 2009

Docklands Aerial View

I thought I'd share this picture that Roslyn took ... from a helicopter... over Melbourne... and more specifically over the Docklands area, showing the big wheel... which is currently being dismantled for repair (estimated to be out of action for about a year I think).

Behind the wheel is the Bolte Bridge going over the Yarra River.

The reason for this photo today is that Roslyn now has a full time job at an ad agency located in the Docklands! (Exactly what she wanted after her two year course at RMIT which finished last November.)

We are all very excited to have her gainfully employed... but now she is working 5 days a week there, and 2 shifts a week at the Bar (where she serves drinks to night time revellers). Not sure how long she can keep this up, and she hasn't made any decisions yet either.

And her favourite thing about working... she loves the work, but she really loves the shopping on pay day! She's always been a mad fan of Sportsgirl!

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