Saturday, 9 May 2009

to YOU from ME...

Here's a sweet little card... such an easy design to copy using any paper, any stamp set etc. What do you think about the VERY BRIGHT orange? Not a colour I would normally choose, but then it's nice to challenge yourself to use something "out of the ordinary" for a change.
Last night was Stamp'n'Chat so we all made lots of cards and the most POPULAR stamp set last night was BRANCH OUT... a lovely set that is only available in the US ... lovely Sharee had snaffled it somehow while she was on holiday with her family recently and boy, did everyone have fun fun FUN with it... it is a pretty bare tree, and comes with a bird, butterfly, rubber boots, tyre swing, and leaves so you can dress the tree as you wish... hope that set comes to Australia soon!!
Now I'm happy to report that today is a rainy day... haven't had one for a long time... I'm off to buy wood for the fire... and lamb for the roast... make that two legs of lamb as we're feeding a few tonight... to celebrate Mother's Day and Gordon's birthday... must remember to take some photos tonight!!
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Sharee said...

Happy to help inspire others with stamp set. It really was lovely and great to see the other ladies enjoying using it. I had a big play with it today using the ideas you found for me. Thanks Jenny for a great night. Can't wait for the next one.

Treasure Queen said...

Glad you could come along Sharee. See you next time.