Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What a Great Place for a Weekend... Venus Bay!

Isn't this beautiful... the beach at dusk...
Venus Bay is a beautiful place... we've had a little tiny caravan there for 13 years... this weekend we drove down... it takes two and a half hours - we stopped for a yummy lunch on the way... I had Chicken Pot Pie - delicious... and Gordon had a Burger - absolutely huge... no way could you pick it up to eat!
On Sunday night we settled down to watch some movies we'd been meaning to watch for a while... Memoirs of a Geisha... which was great! Then we watched all the features about how they made it etc. How they recreated the town and how they made kimonos in a couple of weeks that normally take years! Great movie.
Next we watched Dark Night (the latest Batman movie) ... we had to keep turning the sound up because it was raining really hard! YAY we really need the rain!Posted by Picasa


Davine said...

What a beautiful photo - really makes me want to be there.

Michelle said...

Stunning photo, Jenny! Your weekend sounds fabulous. :)