Friday, 29 May 2009

In Australia do the Kangaroos Jump Down the Street?

Yes they do!!! Lots of overseas visitors to Australia actually think we have kangaroos jumping down the street... but it's true, we do! We live on the edge of suburbia, so the open paddocks are quite nearby and sometimes a kangaroo does jump down the road.
The other night we went looking for them, just on dusk but could only find three... not enough to show off to our latest visitor, Greg, from New Zealand.
So yesterday my friend Bernie rang me and said, quick, get up to the corner, there's a whole mob, so we raced up there... about half a kilometre up the road, and saw a big mob in the paddock, quietly grazing.
Here's a close up:
Needless to say Greg was suitably impressed, especially when a loud truck came along and they all started bounding down the valley... what an amazing sight!
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How fabulous!!!