Sunday, 4 October 2009

Colour in the Garden and Aching Muscles

I LOVE colour in the garden.... but boy do I have aching muscles from weeding this weekend. First the picture above is a gorgeous purple flower - ranunculus - my lovely sister Christine and I planted them a while back and this is now the second season they have flowered... I love bulbs because they hide underground during the long hot summers, and I love how they burst up out of the ground, just when you are hoping they will!

So this weekend Gordon and I went over to Mum and Dad's new place to do a couple of chores... Gordon and Dad spent 3 hours or so putting the new BBQ together - one of those BBQs that come in many many pieces, and of course the last screw they needed to complete it had fallen through the decking and they could not reach it! It was finally ready, so we are all BBQing next weekend at Mum and Dad's.

While the boys were doing that chore, Mum and I did some weeding - that's where we got the sore muscles... I am so out of condition I had trouble moving today at all! Then we cleaned some grime in the kitchen range hood... found lots of little fried spiders up there! Yuk. Next we cleaned grime off some shelves so Mum could put out her collection of miniature houses. The house is starting to look very lived in now, with all boxes gone!

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Michelle said...

What a successful weekend, Jenny. I LOVE ranunculus!