Sunday, 22 November 2009

The biggest tiramisu ever seen!

It was 31 years ago that we were married, so we celebrated this year with a special lunch at a new Italian restaurant, Vibrante, in Templestowe - here we are enjoying dessert. Gordon has creme caramel.

Now take a look at the size of my tiramisu! And no, I did not eat even half of that amount. It was unbelievably enormous.

We first met back in 1976 - he was in a 10 pin bowling team with a girlfriend of mine and I went along to watch. From that very first meeting we were inseparable. He was tall, slim, had wild long red hair and blue eyes - I thought he was divine - of course his new V8 Ford Falcon was pretty hot too!


Davine said...

Congratulations on your 31 years.

Penny Hanuszak said...

What a romantic story......... you two were a match! And still are.
Congratulations on your anniversary! Wow what a giant Tiramisu.......yum!

Sylvia said...

congratulations!! that tiramasu looks devine