Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hello Again!

I'm a bit tired today... (yawn) ... the tennis finished pretty late - think I went to bed at 2am! But that's what holidays are for - doing what you want when you want - because you can!

Another card today - I copied this from a lovely design my friend Sharee had done - Sharee doesn't have a blog, but she does design and make beautiful cards for her sister's online store and you can see them here at IDDYBIDDYBOO

Here's my card:Can you see the shine on the flowers and heart - here's a close up detail showing the Crystal Effects on the heart:

Stamp set is Hello Again!


Michelle said...

This is Very Cute! Great to see Hello Again in another light. Lovely design, Sharee and Jenny!

beedivinedesigns said...

Oh I love how you have used xmas DSP and it doesnt look like xmas at all - very clever!

shareegaiser said...

I stumbled across this - I have never been mentioned in a blog before Jenny and was so touched to find this tonight! You are a treasure and I was only too happy to share my design with you - you have shared so many with me. So touched!