Thursday, 21 January 2010

Off to the movies...

Last week I went on a date with my husband - just the two of us!

We watched a movie - It's Complicated - which was fabulous with the gorgeous Meryl Streep and the very attractive Alec Baldwin. It was so good the whole theatre was laughing out loud!

Then we walked around the corner to the lovely Peppercorn Thai restaurant - it was so delicious - Jasmine Rice, Green Chicken Curry, Crispy Skinned Barramundi. Oh the flavours!

We enjoyed our date so much, we went again last night - this time to see a George Clooney movie - Up in the Air - followed by another yummy meal of Thai food at our new favourite restaurant!

I'm right into movies at the moment - I don't usually make time for them, but while I was at the caravan over the Christmas holidays I rented a few out - there is a theme to them I think - mostly romantic comedies - here's my list:

Last Chance Harvey with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman - this was a gorgeous story and loads of London scenery.

Ramen Soup with Brittany Murphy - since Brittany died recently and I'd only seen her in Clueless, I decided I needed to see one of her recent movies - it was a great story and set in Japan.

Four Holidays with Reese Witherspoon - I'd been dying to see this one for ages and it didn't disappoint.

Definitely Maybe - this was a beautiful story set in New York and I met Isla Fisher for the first time - she's lovely.

The Accidental Husband
- with the fabulous Uma Thurman - another one set in New York - great movie.

Okay I guess they're all romantic comedies and that is my favourite genre!!!

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Michelle said...

Ooh, what a lovely post, Jenny! Thanks for the romantic comedy movie suggestions ... that's coming up on my Valentine's Calendar as something to do with the one you love! Will take note of these recommendations. :)