Sunday, 14 February 2010

Garden Whimsy and Gotta love Glitter... and a cupcake!

I love glitter and sparkles, so I thought I'd share a card I made on Friday night at Stamp 'n' Chat.

I borrowed Lovely Julie's stamp set, Garden Whimsy, to make this very simple card:

Stamp 'n' Chat was extra fun because DD23, Caity, decided she'd make us some fabulous cupcakes from her cupcake book.

They are called: Chocolate Ginger Cakes with Honeycomb Cream!

Here's a pic:The flavour is kind of hard to explain but if you could imagine biting into extra fluffy cake, and inhaling the smells and flavours of an Eastern Bazaar, then you are close - the cinnamon and ginger flavours were yummy! And the cream and honeycomb fab.

Sadly, she then went out and left me with this.....


paper bag create said...

Great card, gotta love the glitz! and those cupcakes look too delish. I just might need to google for the recipe! Have a FAB day. Smiles.

Michelle said...

LOL! Love your card, Jenny, and LOVE the description of the taste of the cupcake! Woo Hoo! And, I can imagine from Cait's perspective it was a very small thing to expect you to clean up after she created an 'Eastern Bazaar' style cupcake! :)

Melissa said...

lovely card Jenny, and those cupcakes are just so yummy looking!