Friday, 12 February 2010


I just love examples of synchronicity...

Let me explain - mum just called to say she had something she just had to tell me! She rang her physio to get an appointment and the receptionist was getting details and mum explained her address had changed recently, as they had moved house after 50 years.

Suddenly the receptionist was giggling loudly into the phone... and she said, "Guess what! I live in your house!"

Yes, the receptionist at the physio who answered mum's call for an appointment is the same person who purchased mum and dad's house.

They went on to have a lovely chat about the beautiful roses in mum's garden - that mum does miss a lot, and the yappy dog next door that mum does not miss at all!

So that's synchronicity - the experience of completely unlikely events occurring - but being so incredibly amazing!!!

You can read about the old house and new house here.


Michelle said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fantastic story, Jenny. Synchronicity at it's best!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Cool story Jenny. I love what you see in life..........