Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I've had a fabulous day today - first I got to sleep in - which was lovely after such a HOT night! We had the fan on all night! I'm really starting to wish I lived on the other side of the world where there is 24" of snow in the garden!

Next I packed my bag and went scrapbooking at lovely Bernie's house - we had a great day - lots of chat, lovely ladies - and I finished my 30th Anniversary album of our trip to Brisbane!

I showed Gordon the finished album this evening and he loved it too. Then he asked me to print him one of the photos - I thought, oh, how romantic, he wants a photo of us... but!!! Here is the photo he wants me to print him!

After my time at Bernie's I organised dinner and then it was time to play with cards. I'm really trying to do the inside of all cards this year too.

I hope you like the butterflies - I think they are rather gorgeous... and what about the stamped and punched vellum overlay butterflies - cute eh?

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Davine said...

Very nice cards, I love the vellum butterfly.