Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My Shoebox Swap

Today has been a crazy day... way too much going on!

But first I'll share a card I made for my Shoebox Swap recently. I based it on a design I liked by the amazing Mary Fish.

Here's my card:
I used Rich Razzleberry cardstock and ink and heaps of different stamp sets - yes my shoebox was overflowing! And everybody enjoyed making the card. There was stamping and sponging and punching. I did trim a little bit off the top of the card base so the squares fitted on perfectly.

Here's a close up:

Here's my smiling DH:

Today DH went to work with mixed feelings - sad because it was the last day of work with the company he's been with for 14 years. When he found out the contract was ending and his job would finish on 30 June, I started making a list of all the jobs he could do around the house and garden!

But he got a job with the new company taking over the contract, so he feels happy and lucky too that he'll sit in the same seat and do the same work for the new company.

Sadly not all of his staff got jobs with him, so it was goodbye to lots of great people today.

Tomorrow is a new beginning with the new company! Same work, same customers, some of the same staff, different procedures I guess.

So, as I said, there was way too much happening today ... so I did some cooking... I made yummy muffins and super yummy mini pasties... I felt like I was in a pressure test on Master Chef cos I've never made mini pasties before... mum always made pasties - I can remember eating them as a kid in front of the open fire in the middle of winter watching the footy on the black and white TV.

I didn't take photos so you'll have to imagine the delicious smell and taste from my description.


Michelle said...

I think I was 'salivating', Jenny, when I read about your cooking! I think that those wonderful aromas were drifting down to my place while you were baking!!

Good Luck to Gordon for his new job and all the changes.

Anonymous said...

I bought the ingredients to make pasties yesterday! So that is my task today. They also bring back memories of cooking them with my mum as a child. Tricia

Penny Hanuszak said...

Can't imagine what pasties are but you made them sound oh so yummy! Sorry about Gordon's co-workers, change is such an emotional rollercoaster and especially when it affects work and livelihood. Gordon will settle in with the new and be sad about the old, but it will go on. Thanks for your comments on my blog and it is now 12:01 July 1st so time for new catties!!!! Yeah!

Julia said...

what a yummmy card Jenny so so so LOVE it! well done!

Sharee Gaiser said...

I love that card Jenny - I did see Mary Fish's card and thought "Wow" but you get a "Wow, wow" for your choice of colours! Love it!