Friday, 2 July 2010

Wow Flowers Stamp Set

'Wow Flowers' is a fabulous little stamp set and tonight I'm sharing a card that my lovely friend, Tricia, made for us at the Shoebox Swap.

Tricia had all the pieces ready for us to put this card together and I love how the 'Birthday Wishes' stamp makes the stem of the flower!

In the middle of the flower is some chunky glitter - we all love bling!

Here's another photo showing the inside of the card just peeking through - if you look carefully you can see the eyelet border punch edge along the bottom of the inside of the card.

Treasured Moments:
Today I took our lab, Jessica Honey, for a lovely walk ... and she is such a delight to take for a walk - close to heel when on the lead... and romping back and forth when we go through the paddocks. And far more obedient than children when it comes to calling her back for the walk home! A true delight. Then I decided to make scones and they were a true delight too.

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Melissa Davies said...

This is really lovely. TFS!