Saturday, 3 July 2010

Chilly Winter Day in Melbourne

Today has been another chilly Melbourne winter day... the heater has been on all day... we even fired up the wood burner heater too - love the smell of wood smoke!

I want to share another Shoebox Swap - this one was made by my lovely friend, Barb. She designed this as a little bag to hold a few cards as a gift. It was lots of fun to make and decorate.

I love the colour combination - here's a close up on the decoration:

Treasured Moment: It's been cold and wet lately, and occasionally I put seed out for the birds, so today I went outside to spread some seed and my normally friendly magpies were extra friendly today. They couldn't wait for me to spread the seeds - they had to take it from my hand. They ran along the closest branch and took the seed right from my palm. I was so excited! I love birds in the garden.

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Julia said...

what a neat gift bag. And wow that maggpie is huge! lol