Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Possum in my Garden!

Look what came to visit ... a possum. Yes it looks cute and cuddly, soft and warm.

It was very high up in the tree and I heard a swish of leaves as I locked the front door late at night... I peeped out and saw a possum.

Needless to say I was very excited... as I am whenever I see any animal ... and hubby jumped out of bed to come and see too... had to laugh cos he didn't put any clothes on and was standing at the front door NAKED!!! I resisted that photo!

The possum was very well behaved and sat still while I took about 20 photos... eventually finding a setting on my little camera that suited.

When the kids were little we used to take them to the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne to feed the possums... the possums would come down out of the trees in the park and eat whatever we brought for them... bread, rose petals, fruit.

Treasured Moment: Surprisingly enough it was the seat warmer in Gordon's car... it was very cold this morning... coldest July morning for three years... but that seat warmer... you just switch it on and it warms you right through from the bottom up!


Melissa Davies said...

Far too cute arent they, and some great photos of the gorgeous little thing. PS Seat warmers are the best invention arent they?? LOL

Michelle said...

Jenny, loved the possum photos but have to say I couldn't see them properly after your comment about Gordon! LOL.

I, too, struggled with the cold morning which I hadn't noticed until you emailed about it. WOW! Next time I'll get you to give me lift in Gordon's car so I can enJOY the seat warmers, too!!!

Butternutsage said...

what fun! Our possums look different here. He seems a lot friendlier....thanks for snapping the picture for us and NOT the side show at the front door LOL!!!