Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Williamstown Botanic Gardens

My friend Michelle, over at Joy Express, posed the question:

What makes you happy?

So I didn't have to think for long... taking photos makes me VERY happy!

In particular photos of flowers ... close up! I love it.

Recently I promised some photos of Williamstown... a gorgeous seaside suburb of Melbourne. Williamstown has everything. Beach. Gardens. Shops. Boats.

First stop was the Botanic Gardens... A grand entry gate.

A close up of the stunning wrought iron - not sure why but I've always been addicted to photos of wrought iron.

Being the middle of winter, not too many flowers to choose from, but of course the paper white jonquils were plentiful:

They looked gorgeous in the morning sunshine:

These petals were glistening and sparkling in the sun:

I'll bring you more of Williamstown later... the beach, the boats, the beauty.


Michelle said...

Something which makes ME happy, Jenny, is reading about your "Happy Things"! :)

I always enJOY your photos and your comments about them ... LOVE the jonquils, and I, too, have a fascination for wrought iron pics! LOL.

Karen G said...

I love your pics of those gorgeous flowers. They are just beautiful. That last pic you put up of that very pretty flower and its' sparkles - what an awesome shot!!!

Karen G.

Penny Hanuszak said...

These photos are just stunning Jenny. I can see why you love photography, you are a natural and interesting photographer. I share your site with my non-stampin photographer friends and they love them too! Have a happy day!