Sunday, 29 August 2010

Mercers Restaurant, Eltham

We have lots to catch up on and first I want to share a dessert platter to die for!

Above is a picture of the best desserts I've ever tasted in my life!

Gordon took me to a surprise destination for my birthday dinner... to Mercers which is a beautiful restaurant in Eltham. I was very excited when we got there as the food is divine.

We enjoyed the degustation menu which meant that course after course arrived with matching wines and it was wonderful... and just when you think you can't eat another morsel... the dessert platter arrived.

This is what we enjoyed for Le Grand Dessert:

Callebaut chocolate mousse with mandarin puree, espresso and cardamom icecream and spiced rice paper

Coconut and pear friand with sticky date icecream and a cinnamon/date cigar

Raspberry creme brullee with a raspberry sorbet

Banana and hazelnut souffle with a banana and rum icecream

My absolute favourite was the creme brullee and the souffle... ok I have two favourites!

Treasured Moment: Today - lazy morning, back to bed after breakfast, mowed the lawns, shopped for food, minestrone soup, fresh bread... oh the advantages of the empty nest... just like it was 25 years ago!!!

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Me said...

Yum, jenny, just gained another Kilo lol, Hope you had a really lovely birthday :)